Viva UVC Wand (Black)

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Color: Black

LiteZapp™ Viva UVC Wand sanitises and destroys 99.9% of bacteria, germs, viruses, including Covid-19, mould, mites and other household nasties, without using chemicals or water.

The Viva Wand uses UV light to destroy germs, mould, mites and bacteria.  This method of sanitising is ideal where water and chemicals cannot be used, or as a quick on-the-go sanitising solution where required.  This versatile, multi-functional wand will disinfect and sanitise surfaces, areas and objects, and cut down on your hinching time! For those obsessed with cleaning and keeping germ-free, this is also really fun to use! 

Features include :

  • Safety sensor, shuts off UV light when wand is rotated 
  • Portable, compact design can be taken anywhere
  • Sanitise without odours, or harsh chemical residues
  • Light indicators - disinfection time and battery status
  • DC charging port and charging cable (supplied)
  • 120Lm torch 
  • Magnet for hands free use and easy storage
  • Average Sanitation Time : 3-30 seconds
  • Effective Range - 3cm from target surface/object

Suitable for sanitising and disinfecting surfaces and objects including; door handles, door bells, light switches, parcels, deliveries, packages, groceries, fresh food & takeaways, masks, gloves, counters, toilet seats, children's toys & accessories, pet furniture, tablets & devices, PCs, desk areas, car interiors, indoor and outdoor furniture.

Dimensions (HxWxD): 248.7mm x 34.5mm x 13mm

Warranty: 1 Year