Pura UVC Water Bottle (White)

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Color: White

The LiteZapp™ Pura UVC Water Bottle neutralises 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, including Covid-19, and germs in your water with UV light, without any filters or chemicals!  Pura is a smart UVC self-cleaning and reusable (thermo) water bottle allowing you to fill up from anywhere.  Zapp your water fresh, getting rid of germs and funky odours that are left behind.  

Looking for portable UV purification in a bottle? Pura uses UV light to purify water – it’s a game changing bottle! Simply fill up with water, and activate for UV light disinfection to begin. 

Features include :

  • 90 seconds to UV purified water
  • Double-walled insulation - maintains hot/cold temp 6-8 hours
  • Sensor automatically switches off UV light, if opened during disinfection cycle
  • Sequenced activation, won't activate accidentally
  • Auto Self-clean mode (every 6hrs) prevents bacteria forming 

BPA and filter-free, say goodbye to plastic bottle waste for good! Pura is much safer and more hygienic than your current ordinary reusable water bottle.  A recent Brazilian study into ordinary reusable water bottles reveals how easily germs and bacteria can linger in normal bottles- learn more here 

Ideal for; walkers, hikers, joggers, anglers, sailors, campers, skiers, travellers and sporty people alike! 

Note: When activated the UV LED light source cannot pass through vessel and cause any harm to users. 

Dimensions (H x Ø): 247mm x 73mm

Capacity: 600ml

Warranty: 1 Year