Geo UVC Mini Cube

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The LiteZapp™ Geo UVC Mini Cube disinfects and deactivates up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses including Covid-19, germs, mould, mites and other household nasties, without using chemicals or water.

Trying to sanitise a few things in one go?  Like the groceries you just bought home, or your electronic devices?  Try The Geo UVC Mini Cube – a fantastic portable, mini solution that Zapps away 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria in less than a minute! With a clever timer system, you can set your disinfection time, pop Geo in your kitchen drawer, toy box or bag, and let it get to work! All it needs is a confined space - Geo will do the rest! Pop your goods in, close and let the UV light do its magic. 

Geo comes with a handy little lanyard, so you can attach it to your keying or somewhere safe to take with you on the move.  Fellow germaphobes take note! 

Features include :

  • Countdown (Safety) Timer - counts down seconds until UV light turns on
  • Timer Set - choose between two sanitising modes and set disinfection time to your application
  • Quick Mode: 15 second disinfection
  • Deep Clean Mode: choose your disinfection time between 1 minute to 30 minutes
  • Wrist Strap - portable, compact design can be taken anywhere (supplied)
  • Sanitise without odours, or harsh chemical residues
  • Light indicators - countdown timer, disinfection time and battery status
  • LED Timer Display
  • USB charging port and charging cable (supplied)

Suitable for sanitising and disinfecting objects in drawers, cupboards, glove boxes, handbags, rucksacks, laptop bags, suitcases, ottomans, blanket boxes, and more.  

Dimensions (HxWxD): 48mm x 48mm x 16mm 

Warranty: 1 Year