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The amazing science that’s at the heart of our products

Harnessing the Power of the Sun

The LiteZapp range of germicidal UV products use 254-280nm UVC light to deliver the clean dream. You may have already heard of the power of UV light, found naturally in sunshine. Its rays are made up of UVA, UVB and UVC. How does it work? UVC light targets and destroys a cell’s DNA, breaking the bonds that hold them together - thus stopping them from multiplying and spreading, dead in their tracks! It has been used for over 100 years to deactivate bacteria and germs in water treatment, and also in healthcare environments. And now, with our mobile UV devices it can be used to disinfect high touch areas, surfaces, objects, air and water from germs, dust mites and micro-organisms.

Battle of the Bottles

Do you know what’s lurking in your reusable water bottle? A recent Brazilian study amongst gym members found that over 80% of their reusable bottles were contaminated with germs. Ever opened your bottle and inhaled that funky odour? It’s from bacteria which hasn’t been removed and is now building up its invisible army.

Avoid it by cleaning your bottle thoroughly after each use, or get an extraordinary bottle that cleans itself! The Pura UVC SMART self-cleaning water bottle is much more effective at germ-busting than your ordinary bottle. Fill up and Zapp your water clean in minutes! Great for active people, take it wherever you go.

The water you drink at home and work has probably been UV purified at a point in its life. Our self-cleaning bottle uses the same principle to neutralise the bacteria and germs in water or in your bottle, in under 2 minutes. You can count on the clean, fresh taste of purified water, anytime, anywhere.

Goodbye to filters, odours, BPA & plastics and germs. Better for you and better for our planet.

Why LiteZapp UVC?

It has never been more important to clean and disinfect our surroundings. We are all looking for simple and effective ways of keeping safe and most importantly germ-free.

The germicidal UV light tech used in our range deep cleans and disinfects up to 99.91% of water, surface and airborne germs, to the same degree as other household cleaning products. However, unlike bleach and detergents, they do not leave any chemical residues or toxic gases behind! The range can be used in all sorts of places where chemicals can’t or shouldn’t be used, for example; food and drink environments, child and care settings, and for users who have allergy-related conditions.

LiteZapp uses UV(C) light disinfection to provide defence against germs - without any water, alcohol or chemicals.

If you are interested in learning more about this powerful sanitising technology, please visit our Resources page, where we have added research and articles evidencing the effectiveness of UVC.

Saves you time

Cut down on your 'hinching' time by Zapping away germs and other nasties. Our UVC products leave more time for you!

Helps the planet

Our products are completely eco-friendly, saving you money on cleaning products. Because of this, you can help save the planet and cut down on your recycling too.

Easy to use

On, Zapp, Gone! At the touch of a button, you can initiate rapid sanitation of objects, surfaces, water and the air around you. Job done!

They’re fun!

LiteZapp replaces the chore and bore of chemical cleaning, and are actually fun to use. See how quickly you can Zapp around your home or workplace.

Totally portable

Pop them in your bag, briefcase or luggage for deep cleaning on-the-go. No water or chemicals needed!

Feel good factor

You will instantly get that feel good factor after you have blitzed everything – for those obsessed with cleaning – you will really love our range!