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UVC Sanitising for Gyms

The amazing way to clean without chemicals

Clean faster with UVC, welcome more members!

Sanitise high touch areas rapidly with the Viva UVC Wand. With no chemicals or water required, it is the quickest, non-toxic way to clean busy gyms. UVC disinfection is proven as effective as bleach, at destroying up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria and microorganisms (visit our Resources page for more information).

Clean a gym machine in less than a minute and welcome more members today.

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See the Viva UVC Wand in action

Sanitise high touch areas in seconds

On average, Gyms are losing over £5,000 per day on lost membership fees. Support members to return safely with a rapid cleaning regime, so you don’t have to.

UVC light sanitises ‘high touch’ surfaces and objects in seconds.

Clean a gym machine in under a minute!

UVC cleaning is easy. No consumables to carry around, no specialist cleaning staff, and reduction in use of detergents and chemicals.

Totally portable and super-fast, convenient and fun so even your customers can use them! And suitable for use on electronic devices, screens and displays too – UVC cleans the parts you can’t with chemicals!

No water, no chemicals, no waste or mess.

Order today, in your hand tomorrow!

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Sanitise in Seconds

Easier than a chemical clean, more eco-friendly and reduces downtime.

Happy Users

Save your business money, and your staff and customers their precious time.

UVC deep clean to sanitise & protect your surfaces, members and staff

  • Gym equipment
  • Benches
  • Locker rooms
  • Reception area
  • Any high touch areas & surfaces
  • F&B areas, dispensers, food & drink
  • Barriers, door handles & light switches
  • Goods, deliveries & packages

Free up the chore of using a sanitising station!

The Viva UVC Wand sanitises objects with UVC light, saving you on cleaning products. It’s quicker and easier for members to use and also reduces paper and plastic waste.

Key Features

Save time and money, and the chore of chemical cleaning!

Save on cleaning products and plastic waste

Easier for non-cleaning staff to support with cleaning duties

Customers can easily use without products, water, waste or mess

Save on downtime, welcome more members

Sanitising solution for lockers

The Geo UVC Cube is ideal for sanitising nooks and crannies in lockers, cupboards and confined spaces. Simply set your desired disinfection time, close the locker door and let the disinfection begin.


“The wands arrived next day and our staff love them. So easy to use. They have shortened our cleaning checklist during sessions and can be used by customers themselves. It means we can welcome more members in.”
“Buying this product was a no-brainer for me. In my salon, we use masks, visors screens and gloves. But all stations have to be wiped down and cleaned after each appointment. We are using our wands in between customer visits with regular cleaning at start and end of the day. I want to ensure my business is doing all it can to protect our customers and staff.”
“Really great wand, quick and easy to sanitise around our front-of-house. It’s allowed us to turn tables over quicker, highly recommended. Customers ask if they can use it themselves, it’s become a talking point!”
“I saw this on social media and ordered my wand online. I’ve been sanitising toys, books, and children’s furniture, without worrying about the chemical residues being left behind. Younger children in our group put things into their mouths, now I feel better knowing there are not ingesting toxins. It’s a lot easier and quicker to wave a wand over than drag the cleaning box around during the day.”