You may not be able to see it, but your Tablet Screen is covered with germs and bacteria.

Germs live on your tablets for days. How often do you clean them? 
When was the last time you properly disinfected your tablet?  

We all hate those oily finger print marks we naturally leave on our tablets which we polish off with a spare cloth or the sleeve of our hoody. Tablets and smart devices carry a myriad of germs and bacteria and they can stay 'active' for a matter of days! And whats worse, is that it is hard not to touch your face after we have touched an unclean surface (albeit unknown at the time) such as a tablet!

The solution: LiteZapp's UVC Viva Wand is the perfect solution for disinfecting and sanitising your tablet, getting rid of 99.9% of germs, bacteria and mould that may be 'hanging out' on your tablet screen, in seconds.

Alternatively, you can disinfect and sanitise multiple items in the LiteZapp Voya UVC Bag which also provides 99.9% protection against germs and bacteria. Simply pop your tablet and other items into the Voya, zip up the bag, plug into a wall socket, press the on button and let the deep clean begin.

LiteZapp Viva UVC Wand is Suitable for Use on...

✔ Tablet Screens ✔ iPads & Kindles   ✔ Tablet Cases ✔ Tablet Holders

How To Disinfect Tablets with the Viva UVC Wand

The LiteZapp Viva UVC Wand is easy as 1-2-3. Follow the steps below to quickly and efficiently disinfect and sanitise your tablet and other smart devices.

1. Turn the Viva UVC Wand on

2. Zapp all around the tablet to disinfect it

3. Once you've finished Zapping, turn the Wand off