You've got the keys, but what secret germs are loitering there?

Germs can linger on keys and surfaces from hours to several days.
When was the last time you disinfected your keys?  

Keys, keys, keys! Did you know that they are harbouring dirt and germs right now? House keys, car keys, shed keys, outdoor keys, office keys, you-name-it-keys need disinfecting regularly to prevent the build up of grime, germs and bacteria. Also great to use on key rings and other hanging charms on your keys. Some keys, like those for the workplace are also used by multiple people - making them germ-magnets! 

The solution: LiteZapp's Viva UVC LED Wand is a great on-the-go solution for disinfecting and sanitising your keys providing 99.9% protection against germs, bacteria and mould that may be hanging out on your keys, in seconds. 

Alternative Solutions: Both the Geo UVC Mini Cube and the Voya UVC Bag are good for disinfecting multiple items in one go. Pop your keys into a drawer for the Geo to work its magic, or zip your keys and belongings up into the Voya for a quick deep clean. 

LiteZapp UV Sanitising Products are Suitable for Use on...

✔ House Keys  ✔ Car Keys   ✔ Shed Keys   ✔ Garden Keys    
✔ Gate Keys     ✔ Keyrings    ✔ Office Keys  ✔ Cupboard Keys

How To Disinfect Your Keys with the Viva UVC Wand

The LiteZapp Viva UVC Deep Clean Wand is as easy as 1-2-3. Follow the steps below to quickly disinfect and sanitise and your keys.

1. Turn your LiteZapp Viva Wand on

2. Zapp the key(s) you need to disinfect

3. Once you're done, switch off your Wand