Glasses can conceal a wealth of germs and bacteria.

Germs can hide on your glasses' nose pads.
When was the last time you disinfected your glasses?  

 Keeping your glasses clean is easy enough to do, a quick once over with a soft cloth and glass cleaner will keep your glasses streak-free, but how many of us actually clean the nose pad or the frames? The nose pad area can conceal a wealth of germs and bacteria, plus sweat too. The frames that tuck neatly behind your ears can also carry bacteria. When was the last time you disinfected your glasses or sunglasses? 

The solution: LiteZapp's UVC Viva Wand is a novel solution for disinfecting and sanitising your glasses. Viva provides protection against 99.9% of germs, bacteria and mould in seconds that may be on your glasses.

LiteZapp Viva UVC Wand is Suitable for Use on...

✔ Prescription Glasses  ✔ Reading Glasses     ✔ Sunglasses         ✔ Magnifying Glasses    
✔ Bifocal Glasses            ✔ Trifocal Glasses      ✔ Photochromic Glasses  ✔ Cases & Cloths

How To Disinfect Your Glasses with the Viva UVC Wand

The LiteZapp Viva UVC Wand is easy as 1-2-3. Follow the steps below to quickly and efficiently disinfect and sanitise your glasses. Whilst you're sanitising, why not sanitise your glasses case and cloth?

1. Turn the Viva UVC Wand on

2. Disinfect your glasses by Zapping them with the Wand

3. Once you've finished Zapping, turn Wand off