Disinfect your Makeup Cases, Tools & Brushes to keep them free from bacteria.

Do you know how much germs and bacteria are living in your makeup cases and brushes?
When was the last time you disinfected your cosmetics bag?

Whether you are a professional make up artist or a beauty and cosmetics addict, it is important to keep your beauty tools and cosmetic cases clean.

Make-Up brushes and tools are made from synthetic or natural fibre and regularly used, but not regularly cleaned so they too carry germs and bacteria. It is important to keep these sanitised to prevent germs and bacteria spreading onto your face, or for artists those of your customers. 
Get your beauty business back on track, by using UV light sanitising products to ensure a hygienic deep clean of all hair, make-up and beauty tools, ready for your next customer.  They will thank you for the extra precaution - happy returning clients!  

The solution: The LiteZapp Voya UV Sanitising Bag is an ideal solution for disinfecting and sanitising multiple items in one go. It will protect against germs and bacteria that maybe present on your makeup. It even doubles up as a makeup bag or vanity case when you are on the move. 
Other solutions include: The Viva Wand  or the Geo Mini Cube - simply place the Geo into your makeup bag or drawer, and let the sanitising begin! 

LiteZapp UVC Products are Suitable for Use on...
✔ Makeup Cases     ✔ Storage Trays        ✔  Compartments 
✔ Brush Holders       ✔ Drawers                  ✔ Brushes             
✔ Beauty tools  ✔ Mobile Beauty Stations ✔ Beauty Equipment

How To Disinfect Makeup Cases and Beauty Tools
with the Voya UVC Bag

The LiteZapp Voya UVC Bag is easy as 1-2-3. Follow the steps below to quickly and efficiently disinfect and sanitise multiple makeup cases and brushes.

1. Place all your makeup items into the Voya UVC Bag

2. Plug the Bag into the wall socket and turn on the disinfection button

3. Wait a couple of minutes, and your makeup is sanitised

4. Turn off and unplug the Voya UVC Bag and remove your items