The safest way to disinfect fruit and vegetables.

Who has touched your fruit and veg before you?
Did you know that you can disinfect food safely without chemicals?
Due to these unprecedented times, we have changed the way we shop with many of us becoming more careful with regards to washing, and the same washing techniques apply for fruit and vegetables. Goodness knows who picked up your apples before you and what germs were left behind!

The solution: LiteZapp's UVC Viva Wand is the perfect solution for disinfecting and sanitising fresh fruit and vegetables. It provides protection against 99.9% of germs and bacteria in seconds that may be present on fruit and vegetable skin. We recommend that you use the Viva UVC Wand on fruit and vegetable skins prior to washing, cutting and peeling.

LiteZapp Viva UVC Wand is Suitable for Use on...

 ✅ All Fruit Skins ✅ All Vegetable Skins

How To Disinfect Fresh Fruit and Vegetables with the Viva UVC Wand

The LiteZapp Viva UVC Wand is easy as 1-2-3. Follow the steps below to  efficiently disinfect and sanitise your fruit and vegetables.

1. Turn the Viva UVC Wand on

2. Zapp your food items with the Wand

3. After disinfecting your food, turn off the Wand