Sanitise your food packaging before you unpack to eliminate germs.

Who has picked up your food before you?
Did you know that you can disinfect food packaging?

With the current outbreak, many of us have had to change the way we shop - whether its via online deliveries or only travelling to the supermarket in essential circumstances. Are you worried about who has picked and packed your online shopping, or who has touched your shopping prior to bringing it into your home? Others touching goods is out of our control but what we can control is how many of those germs and bacteria can be eliminated before packed away in our cupboards, drawers fridges and freezers.

The solution: LiteZapp's UVC Viva Wand is the perfect solution for disinfecting  and sanitising food packaging. It provides protection against 99.9% of germs and bacteria that may be present on take away packaging. The Viva UVC Wand is easy and fun to use! A glam deep cleaning wand! 

LiteZapp Viva UVC Wand is Suitable for Use on...

  Fruit & Veg Packaging ✔ Milk Cartons           Cereal Boxes       
 Yogurt Cartons           ✔ Bread Bags            Meat Packaging   
 Crisp Packets             ✔ Chocolate Packets Frozen Bags        
✔ Drink Bottles              ✔ Cake Boxes           ✔ Spice Jars            
 Egg Boxes                  ✔ Bottles                   Sauce Jars           

How To Disinfect Food Packaging with the Viva UVC Wand

The LiteZapp Viva UVC Wand is easy as 1-2-3. Follow the steps below to quickly and efficiently disinfect and sanitise your food packaging.

1. Turn the Viva UVC Wand on

2. Zapp the food packaging with the Wand

3. Once you've finished Zapping, turn the Wand off