Keep your cushions & blankets free from germs and bacteria.

Soft furnishings should be disinfected regularly between washes to keep them fresh. 
When was the last time you disinfected your cushions and blankets?

Cushions and blankets are not only used to decorate your lounge, bedrooms or in nooks and crannies but used as a form of comfort. Whether you use a cushion to make yourself comfortable or wrap yourself up in a blanket to keep warm, these lovely accessories may have unwanted germs and bacteria living on them from regular human contact. Blankets and cushions fall on our floors all the time and our floors are covered in germs and bacteria, so it is best to keep them sanitised, if you are looking for the ultimate clean.  
Outdoor cushions and blankets need to be kept clean just as much as indoor cushions and blankets do. These are more exposed to germs and bacteria due to being outside. Knocking over an outside cushion by accident onto your lawn, decking or patio will pick up so many germs. Germs and bacteria outside are there all the time, some form naturally, others come from wildlife that visit your garden, and some come into your garden from the bottom of your shoes.
The solution: LiteZapp's Viva UVC Wand is the perfect solution for disinfecting and sanitising cushions and blankets. It will deactivate 99.9% of germs and bacteria that may be present on cushions and blankets in seconds, without water or chemicals!

Other solutions include: LiteZapp's Geo UVC Mini Cube - a mini, portable sanitiser that gets to work inside storage boxes, drawers, ottomans and other concealed areas. 

LiteZapp is Suitable for Use on... 

          Cushions            ✔ Throws       Blankets
         ✔ Embroidered Cushions            Seat Pads      ✔ Fake Animal Skin Cushions
          Quilts              ✔ Outdoor Cushions      ✔ Throw Pillows


How To Disinfect Cushions and Blankets with the Viva UVC Wand
Follow the steps below to quickly and efficiently disinfect and sanitise your cushions and blankets.

1. Turn your Viva UVC Wand on

2. Zapp the cushion(s) and blanket(s) you need to disinfect

3. Turn the Viva UVC Wand off once done