Sanitise your child's toy box to eliminate germs before your children get them.

Where have the toys in the toy box been?  Whose been playing with them other than your child?

Disinfecting your child's toy box can help stop the spread of germs and bacteria decontaminating more toys.

When was the last time you disinfected the toy box?

Children's toy boxes carry lots of germs and bacteria, such as cold and flu, which can be harmful to your child. Children like to carry, chew, dribble and drop their toys all over the place, and when it comes to putting their toys back into an uncleaned toy box, it can be can be a breeding ground for the bacteria to grow and multiply. It is important to keep both toys and toy boxes clean to prevent germs and bacteria from spreading.

The solution: LiteZapp Geo UVC Cube is the perfect solution for disinfecting and sanitising children's toy boxes. The Geo is the safest and easiest way to eliminate 99.9% of germs on your child's toy box.

Larger toys and playthings can be sanitised faster using the Viva UVC Wand, as well as small high use objects like dummies, bottles, teets, teething rings which can be popped into the Voya UVC Bag for a thorough UV deep clean.  

LiteZapp Geo UVC Cube is Suitable for Use on...


          Toy Boxes ✔ Toy Baskets ✔ Toy Chests ✔ Toy Crates
         ✔ Toy Storage ✔ Kallax Units ✔ Toy Shelves ✔ All Toys

How To Disinfect Toy Boxes with the Geo UVC Mini Cube

Using LiteZapp Geo UVC Cube is easy. Follow the steps below to quickly and efficiently disinfect and sanitise your toy boxes and storage.

1. Turn the Geo UVC Cube on and set the disinfection time

2. Place the Geo inside the toy box and shut the lid

3. After its completed disinfecting, open the lid and turn the Geo off