We’re an eclectic bunch who have been manufacturing LED lighting products since 2006 - installed in retail stores, offices, schools, restaurants, hotels and pubs for some of UK’s biggest brands.  Chances are you’ve seen our products in your local Nando’s, or Fuller’s Pub, perhaps on the platforms at London Liverpool Street and Baker Street Station!

Over the last 14 years we have been helping organisations save energy by switching their lighting to LED.  In December 2019, we launched UVC LED disinfecting tube lights, used in healthcare (dental practices, GP & Vet surgeries & hospitals).  Fast forward to February 2020 and it's germicidal properties would prove to be very useful.  

UV light technology has proven effective in the fight against germs and bacteria for decades.  During a team meeting someone joked about using the UVC tube as a light sabre for sanitising.  And the idea was born, the proverbial ‘light bulb moment.’ Could we utilise the same UV tech to help keep clean and safe?  

Our mission is putting this innovative tech into consumers hands in a compact form that's fun and easy to use safely, and provides real value.  Presenting a portable range of UVC light sanitising products to help people stay clean and germ-free in their homes, places of work and whilst on-the-go.  We hope you enjoy browsing, and would love to hear your product reviews and comments.  

Visit our Resources page for more information on UVC technology, its uses, evidence and research.