What is LiteZapp?

So you've probably seen our name buzzing around on social media and wondered, what is LiteZapp?

We are the original Zappers! LiteZapp is a range of deep cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting products using UVC LED light to sanitise against germs and bacteria, in the air, in water, on surfaces and objects.  It does this by destroying the molecular DNA that holds these germs together, ensuring that they are deactivated in a Zapp!

Are you looking for a deep cleaning solution to keep your home or workplace super-clean? Then you are in the right place.  Our range of UVC Deep Clean products that will cut down your hinching time, making sure your surroundings are disinfected and sanitised. 

Our UVC products are safe to use on surfaces and objects, and can sanitise all sorts of things - from deliveries to children's toys and much more!  We even use UVC light to purify water - fresh, clean and tastes so good.  Zapping is easy and fun too, but most importantly helps keep us germ-free and healthy.