Top Tips for Completing the Housework in Time

Keeping on top of housework is a chore and we feel your pain. As we are all spending more time at home, we have more time to tidy, clean and disinfect as we go. Cleaning the house can seem like a never-ending battle but it is manageable and can be fun! We are going to share with you our top tips on how to get the housework done as efficiently as possible. 

Clean As You Go 

Once you've eaten in the kitchen, or dining room, clean up after you have eaten. Putting the dishes in the dishwasher doesn't take long but remember to disinfect your table and place mats, if you use them, too. If you use reusable napkins, you need to regularly wash them - dirty fingers and faces are wiped on these. The same applies to other rooms - if a mess has been made, clean it up immediately.

Pop the Music On

No motivation to clean the house? We feel your pain! Music increases stimulation and motivation, making our bodies want to move and be proactive. Grab the radio or your iPod, and pop on your favourite channel, or track, and let the music get to work! 


Spend 15 Minutes

Tidying the house is daunting, but it can be broken down into manageable chunks. If you decide to tidy the downstairs today, dedicate 15 minutes per room to do as much cleaning as you possibly can. Set the timer, pop on the radio and clean away. You will be surprised at how much you can achieve in 15 minutes. Bonus points if you play Queen's Under Pressure! 

Speed up your time with LiteZapp

Your cleaning time can be rapidly sped up by using LiteZapp Viva, a Deep Clean Wand, that incorporates UVC technology to provide defence against germs, bacteria, mould and mites. It works by destroying the molecular DNA bonds that hold them together. You can ensure that your surfaces and objects can be are clean once you have used your wand!

Knowing When to Stop

One things for certain with housework - there will always be cleaning to do and another day for it. Do as much as you can following our steps above and take a step back and relax, your hinching day is over. It goes without saying but tomorrow is a new day.