Purify and remove airborne germs with the Oxi UVC Air Purifier

We are delighted to announce our latest UVC deep cleaning device, the Oxi UVC Air Purifier. Oxi deep cleans, purifies and improves the air quality around you, filtering out harmful particulate matter (PM2.5), airborne germs, bacteria and odours. This portable UVC Air Purifier has been designed for home and work use, purifying the air quality in spaces of up to 20m² and has a Clean Air Delivery Rate of 62m³/h (CADR). This smart UVC Air Purifier additionally monitors and displays the air quality in your room, displayed in green, yellow or red light indicators. 

Suitable for :

  • Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5)
  • Bacteria & Germs
  • Dust & Dust Mites
  • Smoke & Odours 
  • Pet Hair & Dander
  • Formaldehyde
  • Paint Fumes
  • Mildew

How does the Oxi UVC Air Purifier filter and purify the air? 

Oxi features a smart 5-way filtration system which includes a 4-in-1 combined dust and particle filter which filters out harmful particulate matter and odours, such as PM2.5, smoke and paint fumes, mildew and formaldehyde, before passing through a 245nm germicidal UVC lamp chamber, which disinfects the air, deactivating up to 99.91% of airborne germs and bacteria. 

The combined dust and particle filter is made up of four filters including; Cotton (>PM20), HEPA (PM2.5), Active Carbon and Cold Catalyst, combined into a single filter (fully replaceable). Once the air has been purified with particle filtration, it is then UVC-disinfected, for the ultimate in clean air quality.  

How does the UVC light work in the Air Purifier? 

The Oxi is fitted with a germicidal 245nm UVC lamp, housed in the rear of the Air Purifier, UVC-disinfecting the filtered air from the 4-in-1 Dust and Particle Filters. Once the filtered air travels to the UVC germicidal chamber, the UVC light targets and destroys bacteria and germs' cell DNA by breaking the bonds that hold them together, stopping them from multiplying, dead in their tracks. 

How does the UVC Air Purifier monitor and display air quality in a room?

Fitted with an integral air sensor, Oxi monitors and displays the air quality in real time on the LCD screen. The sensor detects gases such as smoke, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, alcohol, butane and formaldehyde.

If excellent air quality is detected, a green light will illuminate.

If good air quality is detected, a yellow light will illuminate.

If poor air quality is detected, a red light will illuminate, prompting the user to ventilate the area and/or increase the fan speed.

How do the fans work and can I adjust the fan speed? 

The Oxi features twin fans that provide super-fast purification, up to 3 times faster than a conventional fan! The rapid purification works quickly, eliminating airborne bacteria, small particles and smells in under 2 hours. Choose from fast or super fast mode from the display screen. 

Does the UVC Air Purifier have an ioniser? 

The Oxi features an integrated ioniser that emits negative ions to support the filters capturing the particles that are too small to filter out. 

Is the UVC Air Purifier suitable for businesses?

Absolutely! The Oxi UVC Air Purifier is for offices, retail stores, salons and beauty, gyms, restaurants and bars - all of whom are looking for a neat, space saving, efficient solution to ventilate workspaces, making them safer and cleaner for both staff and customers. The Oxi can be wall-mounted, floor standing or positioned on tables and desktops.

How do I use the UVC Air Purifier? 

Operating the Oxi is simple, our system features a sleek, touch screen display panel where you can adjust settings with ease. Or for hands-free usage, you can control the Oxi by using a remote control (supplied), allowing you to adjust purification speeds from anywhere in the room. 

Where can I buy the Oxi UVC Air Purifier?

The Oxi is available to purchase online, follow this link to go to our product page. For technical specification, please contact us here