Myth Buster: UV Light and Skin

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have published a list of myth busters for everyone to read, understand and share. In particular, there is one myth that caught our attention and we must share it with you.

Myth: UV radiation can cause skin irritation and damage your eyes.

Verdict: True

This is 100% true - UV light should never be used to disinfect hands or any skin. In fact, it should not be used on humans or animals at all. UV is a type of radiation - think of the sun's rays - and exposing it to skin is very harmful. 

The only way to ensure your hands and skin are clean is to regularly wash them with soap and water, or use an alcohol based hand rub. 

But what about all the surfaces and objects we all touch and handle? How do we effectively keep these clean? There's only so many anti-bac wipes and spray I can buy!

Have no fear, we have a range of UVC sanitising products that will help you get your home and surroundings disinfected and cleaned, as detailed below. 

Our LiteZapp UVC Product range contains UVC light and can be used on surfaces, objects and food items only. The UVC light gets activated upon the 'on' button and will protect against  germs and bacteria by deactivating the DNA that holds them together.

LiteZapp Viva UVC Wand is suitable for disinfecting most surfaces and objects, including door handles and bells, kitchen surfaces, laundry, gadgets, deliveries and packages, light switches and more. Wave it over your surface and objects to disinfect quickly and safely. Visit the Viva product page for more information.  

Buy the Viva UVC Wand here

Whilst the Geo UVC Cube is perfect for sanitising objects in confined spaces - e.g. baby's toys, kitchen drawers, medicine cupboards. Simply place the Geo inside a cupboard, drawer or blanket box, and let it get to work. It takes minutes to achieve deep clean sanitisation.

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And thirdly, the LiteZapp Voya UVC Bag is an all-in-one carry case that disinfects objects inside. Pop in your pets toys, purse, travel essentials, make up brushes, phones and other gadgets and let the sanitising cycle being.

Voya UVC Bag coming soon! 

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