How to disinfect your mobile phone with UVC light

Did you know that the average person touches their mobile phone 2,500 times a day?! And it is recommended that we clean our phones at least once a day to stop our phones becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and germs? 

Think of all the things you have touched before sending that important WhatsApp message - a door handle, your keyboard, a tissue, or was it your face? All surfaces, unless cleaned regularly, can become dirty and that same dirt can transfer from surface to surface, and even onto your skin. Natural skin oils from your face and finger tips transfer to your phone's screen, causing more bacteria build up - hello glossy finger prints!

Say no to wasteful wipes & save £18 million

If you're anything like us, you hate wasteful products - including disinfectant wipes that end up in landfill. These wipes that would be a 'go to' product to disinfect surfaces such as phones cannot be recycled (despite 'so called' claims of recyclable wipes) and end up clogging drains, causing huge issues within our water systems. 

Did you know that our local water utilities company, Thames Water, clears 75,000 blockages a year just from wet wipe blockages? This alone costs £18 million - an enormous cost that could be avoided very easily. If only there was an environmentally friendly way to disinfect your mobile phone without using wipes...

Disinfect your mobile phone with UVC light!

For those of you looking for innovative and environmentally friendly ways to disinfect your phone, then look no further than a sanitising UVC Wand. They contain UVC light, a source of ultraviolet light (think of the sun's rays - UVA, UVB and UVC), using a wavelength between 254-280 nanometres, deemed best for fighting bacteria and germs. It does this by targeting germs and bacteria with UVC light, stopping the DNA of said germs and bacteria from multiplying and spreading. You can watch a really cool video we made which shows our UVC light technology in action - watch here

UVC light disinfection is quick and effective. Portable UVC Wands make great  disinfection devices for mobile phones. Take for example, the Viva UVC Wand, it works by shining and hovering the light onto a mobile phone, the light will destroy 99.9% of surface ridden germs and bacteria that maybe on the screen, phone's body, the cover or accessories, a simple and highly effective way to disinfect and protect your mobile phone from germs, and more importantly, a far more eco friendly way to keep wipes at bay.

To learn more about the Viva UVC Wand, click here