How To Clean The House Without Water
Are you looking for the ultimate hack on how to clean the house without water? In today's blog post, we will share with you how you can not only clean, but effectively sanitise and disinfect your house without using water.

Firstly, let us introduce you to LiteZapp, our unique sanitising, deep cleaning product that will transform the way you clean your home for good. LiteZapp UVC Deep Clean is the ultimate water free cleaning solution for your home. 

What is this water-free cleaning product?
LiteZapp Viva UVC Deep Clean is a UVC Sanitiser Wand that uses ultraviolet light technology to provide defence against germs and bacteria, mould and mites found in your home. LiteZapp requires no water, and there is no need to buy any additional cleaning or disinfectant products, making it not only eco-friendly but also money-savvy as it gives you more pounds in your purse!

How does it work? 
It works by 'zapping' an unclean surface or object with UVC light. After ten seconds, LiteZapp will turn off, and the area will be completely disinfected and sanitised. It runs on just a couple of rechargeable batteries.

Is it safe to use?
The Viva UVC Wand has a built-in safety sensor which switches UVC light off as soon as it is rotate towards the user.  You can use it on any surface or object that needs cleaning. Plus, it's eco-friendly, ensuring that you use no water and no cleaning products too!  Please note that UVC light can cause irradiation hazard and never be used on human skin, pets or animals.  Always use as per guidelines, and never as a toy.