How do self cleaning UVC water bottles work?

You may have heard of the buzzword "UVC technology" over the past year or so, and wondered how the use of UV light can aid laborious cleaning tasks such as self cleaning water bottles. Well if you have been searching, we have the answers, and of course, a recommendation. But firstly, lets tell you what self cleaning UVC water bottles are, before we delve into the magic of UVC light technology and show you an awesome video of a self cleaning UVC water bottle. 

What are self cleaning UVC water bottles? 

As the name suggests, they are water bottles that self-clean themselves using UVC light. They are not your average, plastic, thermos or reusable water bottle, either. Self cleaning UVC water bottles contain UV light within the cap, activated by a light sequence, or sometimes an automatic mode, which neutralises waterborne bacteria, germs and odours, typically to 99.9%. They self clean themselves, including the water and inside of the bottle, reducing the need to manually clean water bottles with dish soap and a brush, thanks to the advances in UVC light technology.   

How long has UVC light technology been around for?

UVC light technology has been used for over 100 years in water treatment environments and healthcare applications. It is known for its properties of disinfection against 99.9% of both surface and waterborne germs, bacteria, pathogens and other nasties.  

How do self cleaning UVC water bottles work?

Self cleaning UVC water bottles are easy to use. Take for instance the LiteZapp Pura UVC Water Bottle, it features UVC light inside the bottle cap to self clean and neutralise your water in just 90 seconds, without using any filters or chemicals. The UV light uses an effective wavelength of 270 to 280 nanometres, the ideal range to destroy 99.9% of waterborne bacteria, germs and pathogens. It does this by targeting and destroying the DNA of the above mentioned germs, thus breaking the bonds that hold them together, stopping them dead in their tracks.

UVC light stops bacteria and germs forming, developing, growing and multiplying. Remember that smelly odour commonly associated with plastic water bottles? That is bacteria overgrowth and its more than likely come from your mouth. This same bacteria odour is eliminated with UVC light - therefore dramatically reducing the amount of times you need to clean your water bottle.

Self cleaning UVC water bottles often contain light sequences, meaning that you can control how often your bottle self-cleans itself. The Pura features two modes, a quick 90 second mode - press the bottle cap to activate at any time, and an automatic deep clean mode, which automatically self cleans itself every 6 hours - perfect for those long outdoor adventures! 

These innovative self cleaning UVC water bottles lend themselves nicely to cleaning and purifying different water types, including, but not limited to, streams, creeks, rivers, quarries and more - ideal for adventurers who have no access to clean water (think of the mountains or a remote location). Self cleaning UVC water bottles purify and neutralise the water, ensuring that it not only tastes good but is germ-free too. 

Watch our self cleaning, reusable UVC water bottle video below

About LiteZapp 

We specialise in a range of UVC light cleaning products that destroy 99.9% of germs, bacteria and pathogens found on surfaces, air and water, including sanitising Wands, Mini Cubes, Air Purifiers, Bags and Water Bottles. Our UV products are light years ahead and feature innovative design and safety features.

Our Pura Self Cleaning UVC Water Bottle is available in three colours, Black, White and Navy, delivering the same UV light technology featured in this article.

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