How to disinfect your mobile phone with UVC light

Ditch those wasteful, single use wipes and swap for an eco-friendlier, reusable UVC Wand that disinfects and sanitises your phone's screen, body, cover and accessories, quickly using UVC light technology. 

Learn more about the Viva UVC Wand, designed for disinfecting mobile phones, here. 

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Get up to 25% off UVC cleaning products

Save up to 25% in our February sale. Choose from our range of UVC products including; Sanitising Wands, Self Cleaning Water Bottles or Air Sterilising Purifiers.

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What is a Sanitising UVC Wand and how effective is it?

Want to learn more about Sanitising UVC Wands, what they are, how they work and how effective they are? Read more as we educate you all about the wonderful technology behind Sanitising UVC Wands.
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How clean is the air in your office?

With many employees working from home since March 2020, we take a closer look at 'how clean is the air in your office?' and uncover practical solutions to help improve air quality and airflow within offices.
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How do self cleaning UVC water bottles work?

Read our latest blog article on how self cleaning UVC water bottles work and learn more about UVC light technology, which has been used for over 100 years, to destroy waterborne germs and stop odours from forming in your water bottle.
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Purify and remove airborne germs with the Oxi UVC Air Purifier

Learn more about our brand new Air Purifier that uses UVC light technology to deep clean, purify and improve the air quality in your home, workplace or office. It filters out airborne bacteria, germs, odours and harmful particulate matter. 

The Oxi is a smart UVC Air Purifier that features a clever 5-way filtration system, before passing through a germicidal UVC lamp for the ultimate in clean air quality. Learn more about Oxi here.

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