As with all of the products in our LiteZapp UVC range, the Viva UVC Wand is simple and easy to use. After charging the Viva to 100%, simply locate the surface, area or object you wish to sanitise - turn the wand on, and gently glide the wand over the area. Once finished disinfecting, simply switch off the Wand. 

It deep cleans, disinfects and sanitises any surface, object or area without using any water, chemicals or detergents.

No and please do not ignore this.  None of our products are suitable for use on any body parts or skin as they contains Ultraviolet Light Radiation. Do not use LiteZapp on any person(s) or animal(s). LiteZapp products should only be used on surfaces, areas and objects only.

We know that a lot of cleanfluencers and hinchers love being tidy, so we developed a UVC Wand that features two magnets on the back for easy storage and hands-free use. Your Viva Wand can live on your fridge, noticeboard or in your cupboard on any magnetic surface, so its easy to access when you need it.  It can also be attached to a shelf, for example, so the magnets hold it in place, whilst objects are placed below it for a hands-free deep clean.  

The Viva is effective against deactivating 99.9% of germs and bacteria, including mould and dust mites - in the same way as bleach. It can be used to protect against pathogens such as salmonella and E.Coli.  Use regularly around your home, office and on the move, for Zappulous results. A happy home is a Zapped home.

You can clean the Viva Wand by using a clean, slightly damp, soft cloth. We also recommend this if you are using this product for the first time.

No it's not faulty. The Viva UVC Wand features an automatic 'switch off' safety sensor. If you follow the instructions included in your package, you'll notice that if you accidentally flip the Wand to face you, whilst on, the Wand will automatically turn the power off, for safety, and to avoid the UVC light affecting your eyes.  

The Viva is recommended to be used alongside other cleaning products - as it does not remove debris/build-up on surfaces, so you should do this first (if needed), then sanitise with the Wand. If there is no debris or gunk to remove, then the Wand works alone for a complete sanitising solution.  Please note this is an electrical product and should not come into contact with water.

All products are packed and shipped with instructions on how to use them safely and correctly.  If you have not received a copy of the instructions, before use, please email us to get a copy to you.  

The LiteZapp Viva UVC deep cleaning Wand is suitable for disinfecting
and sanitising surfaces and objects, only.  It is ideal for 'high touch' areas, in the home, workplace or on-the-go!  

Suitable surfaces include; door bells, handles, letter boxes, packages and letters, goods deliiveries, light switches, work surfaces, tables, chairs, fabrics, upholstery, carpets, furniture, rugs, cushions, curtains, mattresses, bedding, clothing, shoes, pet bedding, toys, books, car interiors / exteriors. 

Suitable objects include; keys, kitchen appliances, boxed & containers, watches, jewellery, phones, tablets, earphones, PC & keyboards, gadgets, uniforms, masks & PPE, children’s toys, pet toys, books, currency, bank cards, handbags and makeup.

Suitable for food including; fresh or frozen fruit, meat and vegetables, plus food, drink and takeaway packaging.  UVC light can help prevent food-borne illnesses and destroys insects and parasites with the process known as 'food irradiation.' It is used by astronauts in space to protect them from food-borne illnesses from meats! We do not advise using the wand on egg or dairy products as this process could affect the flavour or texture of these foods.  

Suitable for Public (Shared) Spaces : Surfaces; door handles, seats & tables, lifts & crossing buttons, entry barriers, railings and other frequently ‘touched’ areas.

You can sanitise any object or surface that you feel may have been touched by others, or that you may be able to pick up germs and bacteria from.  

It must never be used on humans or animals as it would be harmful to them.