The Pura Thermo UVC Water Bottle is simple and easy to use. Simply fill up with any water from any source, i.e. tap, water fountain, river or stream, screw the lid shut, and press the button on top of the lid. Pura will purify and sanitise your water within 90 seconds, ensuring that it is safe to drink.

With an automatic deep clean function set every 6 hours, Pura will ensure your water stays fresh, tasty and safe to drink, always! It also keeps the bottle hygienically clean, sanitises against germ * bacteria and stink-free!  

The Pura Thermo UVC Water Bottle purifies and sanitises any water or liquid without using any chemicals or detergents.  

The LiteZapp Pura UVC Water Bottle can be used to purify and sanitise any kind of water, which is particularly handy if you are out and about.  Your Pura bottle is a thermal bottle too, keeping the liquid in it cold or hot, so you could use if for any kind of drink - tea, coffee or wine! UVC light treatment is not recommended for dairy products as it may affect the taste you are used to, so we would advise not to use it for milk-based drinks.  

Ideal for; travellers, hikers, boaters, campers, caravanners, runners, cyclists, gym enthusiasts, mountaineers, walkers and sports lovers alike!

Yes - the Pura UVC Bottle is made from stainless steel and is double-insulated, meaning that it can keep hot drinks and soups nice and toasty, and keep water and soft drinks nice and cool. It keeps your drink hot or cold for 24 hours - perfect if you are camping and in the midst of nowhere! You can use if for any hot or cold drinks.  UVC light treatment is not recommended for dairy products as it may affect the taste you are used too, so we would advise not to use it for milk-based drinks.  

We recommend charging the Pura UVC Bottle for at least a couple of hours before venturing on your trip! You can charge it by using the charging cable (supplied). A good tip with rechargeable batteries is to always charge when empty for a full charge (or overnight) so you can maximise on battery life.  

The Pura UVC Bottle provides effective protection against 99.9% of germs and bacteria to purify your water.  Most users of reusable bottles will be familiar with the nasty smells and odours left lingering in their bottles, even after being washed.  This is due to germs and bacteria which have built up and continue to grow, unless cleaned fastidiously, after each use.  With your Pura self-cleaning bottle, you will notice there is no build up of gut-wrenching odours or smells, as the bacteria and germs are being treated by UVC light, so your water is clean, pure, tasty and smell-proof! 

All products are packed and shipped with instructions on how to use them safely and correctly.  If you have not received a copy of the instructions, before use, please email us to get a copy to you.  

The Pura UVC Bottle keeps your water bottle sanitised and clean at all times thanks to its Automatic Deep Clean Function that activates every 6 hours, so you won't need to clean the inside of the bottle if you're filling up with water. 

Soups and other homely liquids, will need a good clean after use with your usual detergent and water, or your bottle can be popped into the dish washer. 

Although the bottle and the cap are IP65 (water-proof) we advise not to clean the cap (where the UVC LED chip is embedded) with any chemicals or detergents.  The cap doesn't require any special cleaning other than occasionally with water.