The LiteZapp Geo UVC deep clean cube is suitable for disinfecting and sanitising concealed areas only, as detailed below. Objects and items can be placed within the concealed areas for deep cleaning. 

Suitable concealed areas include; drawers, cupboards, wardrobes, lockers, blanket boxes, ottomans, toy boxes, pouffes, glove compartments, car boots, makeup and toiletries bags, handbags and shopping bags, exterior letter boxes, shoe boxes, storage boxes and containers.

As with all of our LiteZapp UVC range, the Geo UVC Cube is simple and easy to use. The Geo UVC Cube is designed for use in contained areas.  After charging the Geo to 100%, simply locate your concealed area, attach the cube to the internal surface - i.e. top of drawer, cabinet, toy box, car boot or ottoman, and turn on the Cube. Set the disinfecting time according to the instruction manual. Objects, such as toys and items such as clothing can be added (if not already) to the concealed area. A countdown of 15 seconds will appear - this means that the Cube will start sanitising in 15 seconds. Close the concealed area, ensuring that it the Cube is not visible as this product contains ultraviolet radiation and can cause damage to skin. Only open after the disinfection time has lapsed. Once you have finished disinfecting, simply switch off the Cube. 

The Geo UVC Cube deep cleans, disinfects and sanitises in any contained areas, surfaces and objects without using any water, chemicals or detergents.

We have to stop you right there. None of our products are suitable for use on any body parts or skin as it contains Ultraviolet Light Radiation. Do not use LiteZapp on any person or animal. LiteZapp should only be used on surfaces, areas and objects only.

The Geo provides effective protection against 99.9% of germs and bacteria, including mould and dust mites. This also includes bad bugs like E-coli and salmonella. Use regularly around your home, office and on the move, for Zappulous results.

You can clean the Geo Cube by using a clean, slightly damp, soft cloth. We also recommend this method if you are using this product for the first time.

We recommend charging the Geo UVC Cube for 1.5 hours using the charging cable (supplied).

The Geo can be used alongside other cleaning cloths and products, e.g. to remove debris/build up on surfaces, but should not be used at the same time. The Geo Cube is an electrical product and should not come into contact with water.