'Zapp It Your Way' ... It's completely up to you! We have 4 models; Viva UVC Wand, Pura UVC Thermo Water Bottle, Geo UVC Cube and the Voya UVC Travel Case. If you need to sanitise large surfaces and areas around your home, we recommend the Viva. For disinfecting multiple items, such as toys and gadgets, we recommend the Voya. For concealed areas, we recommend the Geo. And the Pura self-cleaning bottle is for purifying and cleaning water from any water source.

Utilising the power of the sun, our products sanitise surfaces and objects with UVC light at 270-280nm.  This is part of the electromagnetic spectrum of light, which destroys living cells by damaging their DNA so that they cannot develop, grow or spread, stopping any nasties in their tracks. UVC has the shortest wavelength combined with the highest energy, making it extremely effectively at destroying germs and bacteria within seconds.  This is a process of ultraviolet radiation. The UVC in our products is delivered through UVC chips which are integrated within all LiteZapp products.  UVC light is also invisible to the human eye, and it is a hazard, so as well as UVC, we incorporate 'purple' LED chips into our products to show that they are switched on and in use.  If you see purple light being emitted you know that the product is switched on and working.  

No and please do not ignore this.  None of our products are suitable for use on any body parts or skin as they contains Ultraviolet Light Radiation. Do not use LiteZapp on any person(s) or animal(s). LiteZapp products should only be used on surfaces, areas and objects only.

Our UVC products provide defence against germs and bacteria, including mould and dust mites - similar to bleach. What varies is the disinfection time.  The products in our range have in-built timers for the sanitising cycle so the product operates a 'cycle of disinfection' e.g. the Pura bottle purifies the water in a 90 second cycle.  Please refer to the product pages for more details on disinfection times and cycles.  


LiteZapp UV LED Light products can be used for disinfection of air, water, surfaces and objects only.  UVC is not suitable for people or animals.  Frequently used surfaces, areas and objects include door handles, desks, work surfaces, kitchen counter tops, furniture, drawers, blanket boxes, PCs, mobiles, tablets, electronic gadgets, bedding, toys and more. The Pura SMART self-cleaning bottle uses UVC to clean water, and Oxi is suitable for airborne germs, allergans, odours and more. You can UV-clean pet bedding & accessories too as they also protect against dust mites and bed bugs.  

'Ready, Steady, Zapp' ... LiteZapp UVC products are classed as electronic devices, not medical equipment.  They are low-maintenance and come complete with rechargeable batteries & chargers, just like a mobile phone or a tablet, you would use your device and then charge it when needed. It takes a couple of hours to charge each LiteZapp product to 100% from a regular mains plug.  

LiteZapp UVC products are classed as electronic devices, not medical equipment.  All of our products are CE marked.  They are electrically and mechanically safe to use, and have RoHS certification.  They are designed to use around the home, at work and on the move - and incorporate built-in safety features such as sensors which automatically switch off to avoid any danger to users.  LiteZapp products should only ever be used to disinfect surfaces, areas and objects. It should not be used on humans or animals and never as a toy.  All products are shipped with user guides, which outline safe use practices and guidance.  If you have any questions regarding UVC and safety do contact us via email, or feel free to browse our Resources page which gives you good information and research on UV technology.   

We advise that LiteZapp should only be used by Zappers who are 18 years and above. Sorry young, whipper Zappers! LiteZapp is an electronic product that features ultraviolet light technology (radiation). Adult supervision is required at all times. This is not a toy.

DO NOT use LiteZapp products if you suffer from:

  • Epilepsy
  • Sensitivity to light / flashing light
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer or are in remission

... Or are taking any medication that causes sensitivity to the sun or radiation. Please check the package insert on your medicine to see if it states that your medication can cause sensitivity, or to avoid sun, or radiation. If so, DO NOT use our products.

LiteZapp products including the Viva UVC Wand, Geo UVC Cube and Voya UVC Travel Case are electrical products and should not be used near water.