As with all of our LiteZapp UVC range, the Geo UVC Cube is simple and easy to use. The Geo UVC Cube is designed for use in contained areas.  After charging the Geo to 100%, simply locate your concealed area, attach the cube to the internal surface - i.e. top of drawer, cabinet, toy box, car boot or ottoman, and turn on the Cube. Set the disinfecting time according to the instruction manual. Objects, such as toys and items such as clothing can be added (if not already) to the concealed area. A countdown of 15 seconds will appear - this means that the Cube will start sanitising in 15 seconds. Close the concealed area, ensuring that it the Cube is not visible as this product contains ultraviolet radiation and can cause damage to skin. Only open after the disinfection time has lapsed. Once you have finished disinfecting, simply switch off the Cube. 

The Geo UVC Cube deep cleans, disinfects and sanitises in any contained areas, surfaces and objects without using any water, chemicals or detergents.

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