Portable UVC Sanitising Solutions

The LiteZapp™ range incorporates portable UVC LED light sanitising products for surfaces, objects, air and water, neutralising up to 99.91% of germs and bacteria, without using any water or chemicals.  

Our unique light sanitising UVC solutions are reusable, simple and fun to use, providing added peace of mind in the battle against germs. If you are worried about using harsh chemicals and toxic gases, then UVC cleaning would be a great alternative to keeping your home, workplace and belongings clean, and most importantly, sanitised.

Cut down your ‘hinching time’ with a UV light deep clean!

Disinfect surfaces quicker and destroy 99.9% of germs

The Viva Wand sanitises high touch areas, surfaces and objects with UVC light, destroying 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Viva is a neat, compact solution that can be used throughout your home, or carried in your bag, for sanitising on-the-go. Ideal for using out and about, where water or chemicals can't be used.

Featuring a unique safety sensor, the Viva will automatically switch off the light if shone in the opposite direction. Fully rechargeable, use again and again at home, work and when travelling!

Neutralise airborne germs with UVC

Neutralise 99.91% of airborne germs in your workspace and breathe freshly filtered, clean air with the Oxi UVC Air Purifier. The ideal clean air UVC steriliser designed for healthcare, care homes, doctor and dental surgeries, hospitality, offices, retail and commercial spaces. 

Oxi is a deep cleaning, air decontamination unit that purifies and improves the air quality in your room, filtering out harmful particulate matter and odours, before deactivating airborne germs and bacteria via the germicidal UVC light chamber.

The cleaned air is circulated back into the room, providing purified, fresh air via sophisticated UVC cleaning. 

Concerned about germs coming into your home?

UV light disinfection can be used on parcels, deliveries, groceries, furniture, electronics, surfaces and objects, deactivating up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria, pathogens and mould spores. Our customers love the feeling that everything at home and work is properly sanitised! 

Our UVC sanitising products are easy and safe to use, rechargeable and ideal for quick cleaning if you're short of time. Perfect for disinfecting items that cannot be washed or chemically cleaned.

Self Cleans in just 90 seconds

The Pura UVC Self Cleaning Water Bottle rids itself of 99.9% of germs and bacteria in just 90 seconds, using UVC light to treat and purify your water on-the-go. 

Fill up Pura from any clean water source and choose between the two disinfection modes. Set Pura to self-clean in 90 seconds, or to automatically deep clean and purify every 6 hours - perfect for those long, adventure-filled days.

Our innovative bottle is safer and more hygienic than your current reusable water bottle, with it's built-in self-cleaning disinfection.

Say goodbye to bad bottle odours once and for all with Pura. 

UV light water purification* has been used in domestic and commercial water treatment for over 100 years. 


To develop a stylish and effective portable UV light sanitising range of products for air, water and surfaces. Fun and easy to use, with no chemical residues or plastic waste.
LiteZapp products utilise UVC light to provide air, water and surface UVC treatment solutions, for homes and workplaces.
Designed in UK, promoted online and delivered around the world.


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Purify and remove airborne germs with the Oxi UVC Air Purifier

Learn more about our brand new Air Purifier that uses UVC light technology to deep clean, purify and improve the air quality in your home, workplace or office. It filters out airborne bacteria, germs, odours and harmful particulate matter. 

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