2020’s Ultimate Deep Cleaning Hack

Our range provides portable UVC LED light sanitising products for air, water, surfaces and objects, that can neutralise up to 99.91% of germs and bacteria without any water or chemicals.  Cut down your ‘hinching time’ with a UV light deep clean!  

A unique light-sanitising solution which is fun to use and provides added peace of mind.  If you are worried about using harsh chemicals and toxic gases, then UVC cleaning would be a great alternative to keeping your home, workplace and belongings clean in the battle against germs. 

Deep UVC Cleaning for home and away

Sanitise and protect high touch areas, surfaces and objects in a Zapp with the Viva UVC Wand. Compact and portable, carry Viva in your handbag or briefcase and sanitise on-the-go. This neat solution is handy to use on the go, or when water or chemicals can't be used.

Featuring a unique safety sensor, the Viva will automatically switch off the light if shone in the opposite direction. Suitable for use at home, work and when travelling!

Breathe freshly filtered, clean air

Deep clean the air at home or work with the Oxi UVC Air Purifier, featuring a unique 5-way filtration system.  Your air is purified and deep cleaned via the 4-in-1 combined Dust and Particle Filter, before passing through a UVC light disinfecting chamber, for the ultimate in clean air quality. Add your favourite essential oil or fragrance to the aromatherapy chamber to make the room smell great too. 

Monitor the air quality in real-time.  Oxi tackles airborne bacteria & germs, particle matter, dust, pet dander, harmful gases, odours and more.  Suitable for asthma and allergy sufferers.  

The Clean Dream

Concerned about goods coming into your home? UV light disinfection can be used on parcels, deliveries, groceries, surfaces and objects.  Our customers love the feeling that everything at home and work is properly sanitised! 

It's ideal when you're short of time, and a real game-changer for things that can't be washed or chemically cleaned like electronic devices, furniture, children's toys and accessories, parcels, post, takeaways, food and drink! 

Pura - the smart bottle that cleans itself

UV light water purification*  has been used in domestic & commercial water treatment for over 100 years. 

The Pura UVC self-cleaning bottle rids itself of germs,  using UV(C) LED light to treat and purify your water on-the-go. 

Pura cleans itself! And is safer and more hygienic than your current reusable water bottle, with it's in-built disinfection.  

Tackle bad bottle odours once and for all with Pura. 


To develop a stylish and effective portable UV light sanitising range of products for air, water and surfaces. Fun and easy to use, with no chemical residues or plastic waste.
LiteZapp products utilise UVC light to provide air, water and surface UVC treatment solutions, for homes and workplaces.
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